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The online slot machine is one of the most widely used games in casinos. There are literally thousands available, regardless of whether you’re online or at a physical location, but where did they all come from? This page will provide a brief history of slot machines and evolution of original slots to give our readers an idea of how this formative technology has evolved over time.

History of slot machines:1891

Slot machines have been around since the 19th century. New York-based Sittman and Pitt created the first slot machine in 1891. There were five drums, 50 playing cards, and one reel. It cost only a nickel and could be found in most bars. To play, players must first insert their cash and then pull the lever. The payouts are available to players for placing poker hands on a reel. To increase the house’s edge, two cards were taken from a machine: The ten of spades or Jack of Hearts (jack) and also the ten od diamonds (jack). This reduced by half the chance of getting a Royal Flush. There was no direct payout method for the machine so winners were given cash at the bar. These prizes didn’t come with monetary value and were free drinks or cigars.


History of slot machines:1887-1895

One of the most famous inventors in history, Charles Augustus Fey is often mentioned as being behind not only one but several firsts. He developed what many claims to be America’s first slot machine which occurred sometime between 1887-1895 and his simplifications made it easier for people who were less educated or literate at that time period because they could just read off their wins in history of slot machines.


Three reels replaced the 5 drums, and he reduced the number of symbols in playing cards from 10 to just five: hearts, diamonds spades (of course), horseshoes. Fey did not patent this design so many other slot machine manufacturers copied it after him.


History of slot machines:1902-1908

The Liberty Bell survived the ban on slot machines in 1902, but it was now up against new competitors. Cash prizes were banned from these devices by law soon after – this created an opportunity for Herbert Mills who made his first machine that same year with a fruit theme and paid out either chewing gum or sweets as prize money instead of cash. By 1908, you could find the machine in most tobacco shops, bowling alleys, shops, and other places. Slot machines used the symbol known as the “BAR” in that period. It was based on the logo of Bell-Fruit in the history of slot machines.


The Next Developments

The mechanical slot machines were a replacement for the original well-known floor model. To start these games, you had to pull down on levers that would activate all of your reels and cause them slowly stretch out from their slots when activated by springs – this manual method allowed players complete control over which outcome they wanted in any given situation! This is how these became so popular with gamblers who loved being able to choose everything about their bet without fear or favoritism from dealers working at illegal online gambling malaysia halls where people could get robbed blind just because someone else made better choices than they did while playing cards in online casino (essentially).


History of slot machines:1964

The first fully-electro mechanical slot, Money Honey was released in 1964. It can be controlled electrically but still starts by pulling the lever and features an automatic payout as high as 500 coins if players don’t know how it works! This game helped increase popularity for these types of slots machines because they were easier to use than older models with a familiar top hat design on them that required skillful manipulation from player experience or knowledge about how each one operated before being able to start playing.


History of slot machines:1976 – 1978

1976 was the year that video slot machines were first introduced to Las Vegas. Fortune Coin, a company based out of Kearny Mesa in California manufactured this game and modified 19 inch Sony TV displays were used for its graphics at The Hilton Hotel’s casino floor which became very popular among hotel guests soon thereafter when it gained approval from Nevada’s State Gaming Commission after some modifications had been made cheat-proofing them against any type cheats possible in the history of slot machines, then IGT acquired fortune coin in 1978. One can now enjoy or learn all about slots anywhere they are with just a click of a button or a tap on the phone at websites like and many more.  


1996 and beyond:

1996 saw “Reel Em” released by WMS Industries Inc. This video slot was the very first to feature a bonus round on its second screen, and it activated in history of slot machines! A flock of crows could be your symbol for this bonus game with additional payouts possible- before slots became more popular at casinos where they contributed 70% towards revenue but occupied only 30% in the history of slot machines.


Online Slots: Mega888 Original 

The internet technology boom during the mid-90s made it possible to develop online casinos. While the first games, such as roulette and blackjack were not available at this time because they had been illegal for so long in their traditional forms but still existed in the history of slot machines on land-based casinos that used physical cash cards or chips instead of credit card transactions then you could play them via your laptop from home if there was enough bandwidth back then when everyone’s computer didn’t have a fast connection just yet which helped boost popularity even more. Slots quickly became another option other than lottery tickets finding their way into many homes across America while being played by every age group under one roof whether male/female young adult etc. Free slot games are a virtual place of casino gambling. Here you will not have the pressure of next playing as the real casino player face. You can play in your comfort here in-game slot online. Our Slot Games Are 918Kiss, XE88, Pussy888, Great Wall 99, Asia Gaming, 2Win, Playboy888.


Online slot machines are a recent development, but they have quickly become one of the most popular games in both land-based casinos and online. The original style was very similar to traditional slots with numbers & symbols identical to those on an old coin-operated machine – only now you could be playing from your living room sofa! These restrictions were soon removed by computer programming which allowed for new types of gambling entertainment options including ones that had interesting themes or unusual layouts. For example, there may even be multiple reel configurations available depending upon how much cash is being wagered during each game session. That is the history of slot machines.


The number and variety of game developers for slots have increased each year like poker and sports game . There is just a handful of land-based fruit machine producers, but there are over 100 online slot companies with many more offerings available through different providers such as Microgaming who offer an extensive range within their collection – so you’re sure not left wanting when it comes to finding your next big win.


History of slot machines are all the rage, with jackpots that can be life-changing. Microgaming’s first online slot was Cash Splash and it only offered moderately high payouts – but not anymore! Jackpots in these games have skyrocketed since their introduction to popularity on websites across Europe; one example being Mega Moolah which holds numerous records for large winnings including 17 million euros (about $17 997 000) awarded through its payout function during normal gameplay sessions. Another popular game called “Mega Fortune” also has seen payout amounts exceed.