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Online Casino Malaysia have been innovating constantly with new features. The first live dealer games offered traditional casino-style gambling 15 years ago, and it was groundbreaking to be able join an online poker table and play your favorite game from anywhere in the world at any time as if you were right there sitting next them.


In recent years, it has been reported that live casino games are becoming more popular. Players can experience the authentic action without ever having to leave their home through online or mobile platforms by playing against random number generation (RNG) providers who operate in real time rather than offline like traditional online slot machines do.


Playtech announced that they have launched an online slot game. This is certainly a major milestone for the industry. What does this new approach to offering slot machines look like? Why do you need a live slot machine operator? We will continue to discuss live slots.


Live slots Dealer Games with Slots Elements

The popularity of slot machines is well known to players all over the globe. It’s not surprising then, that developers would want give their games an extra boost in order attract more people- especially when they know what a big draw this type can be! With NetEnt Rock Roulette there was no limit on how many free spin wins you could get from playing any one game; it also gave those who play both types entertainment almost immediately by providing them with live casino malaysia right at home through its mobile apps or website


Extreme live slots offer more than just a slot machine. They have Great Rhino Roulette with an additional side bet that can be won up to 80x what you originally wagered!


Roulette is a game that has been around since 18th century France. This Roulette table offers four progressive jackpots to win; the largest being valued at over 1 million dollars! There are also free spins on Age of The Gods video live slots where you can get more chances for big bucks and even bigger payouts if your lucky enough.


Slot Games with a Social Element

Today we can see that the examples above are just a glimpse of what lies ahead. Playtech introduced a new live casino product in December 2019. Live Slots Malaysia is a new game that allows you to play Buffalo Blitz in a real studio setting. Some live casino games only had certain elements of slot play, but this game features real slot gameplay with a live host.


It is all about adding a social element to a slot game. Keep reading. It adds a social element into a slot game. Slot games can be lonely, we have to admit.


You can now think of bingo rooms and communities that allow players to interact while they play their favorite game. Live Slots Game offers a social element through the Live Chat feature. You can chat with a live presenter to ensure that there is always someone available. In a slot game, this level of interactivity has never before been possible. It plays exactly the same game as the original. It has 6 reels, 4 rows and 4,096 ways of winning. Its RTP is still 95.96%.


Playing the slot will give you the opportunity to enjoy the free spins feature. This is activated when the presenter pushes the red button and 3 Scatters land on the reels. Payouts may be subject to a maximum 5x multiplier if Wild contributes to a winning combination during the bonus. Start the game by selecting how many spins and setting your stake/bet per round.


We believe this will be a hit with social slot gamers looking for an easier way to play. It is already one of the most played Playtech titles. Although some might complain about the longer rounds than in the original slot, those who enjoy more interaction will be able to bear it. Live Slots, Buffalo Blitz is where you can enjoy community spins with other players.

Other Examples

You can play real slot machines with live casino. You’ll see a front-facing view where you sit in front of physical slots and choose from two different game providers: Igrosoft or Novomatic respectively for both high roller rooms, low rollers games too!


You will be able to watch two streams of the action if you play at one the slot machines. You will see the video streaming from the webcam that is located on the chosen slot machine. You can see the actual slot machine screen from the right side of the screen. Although the audio and video of these games is basic, it provides players with a real casino atmosphere and atmosphere. They also offer a pooled jackpot.


Closing Thoughts

Twitch and other streaming platforms allow people to view video and play casino games. Slot fans now have the ability to participate in the action. Providers seem to be targeting younger players with Live Slots.


It remains to determine if Live Slots is a viable concept and whether or not other providers will follow its lead. Another iconic title could be staged in studios with chatty presenters.


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