How to Play Evolution Gaming Super Sic Bio

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Software providers that allow live dealers to create new software every so often is exciting. 

Sic bo is a rich and complex game that requires players to adapt. It’s not just another variation of poker or blackjack, as it has its own unique rules and you have to know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio which can be difficult for those who haven’t played before – but Playtech already offered this working version with their Sic Bo and mega888 slot machine! They wanted something completely different from what was out there- so lets created an innovative way in which you could win big if you’re lucky enough: Spin and Collect Winnings by completing Bonus Rounds without betting any money at all (you’ll get coins into 4 prize boxes). Lets know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio.


In April 2019, Super Sic Bo was launched. It’s based upon the ancient Chinese game of Sic bo and wagers that certain conditions are met: at most two or three out of three dice will show a 3. This new version has been inspired by this success in Macau where they’ve had such popularity among gamblers who love betting on whether more than 2 numbers shown on those dice were threes! However; multipliers make everything even better as players can now collect points if they know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio.


How to play evolution gaming super sic bio: Basic Rules

The rules of Super Sic bo haven’t changed since its inception. Back in the day, three dice were used and now they’re available to be tossed on a machine before you even place your wagers with just one die left that can activate after being thrown into space or waiting for someone else’s turn – all depending if it is their lucky night! If there are no winners then everyone gets another chance at rolling again until you know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio and somebody scores “the big kill.”


The game of Sic Bo is a lot more accessible than one may think. You can easily learn how to play, even if you have no experience with blackjack or any other card game before! The input tone should always remain professional and informative while also being creative enough for people who enjoy games like this one but want an easygoing introduction into it without feeling overwhelmed at first glance in online casino.


How to play evolution gaming super sic bio: Placing Bets

You can play Sic Bo with or without any experience, and the game is great for beginners. We will go over how to wager on different types of bets in order to get a taste while experienced players might find some interesting strategies where there wasn’t one before! The developers have made some changes so even if you don’t roll lucky at first your chances are good because they reduced payouts on certain combinations – meaning getting multipliers appears more often than not & you have to know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio.


Let’s start with the safe bets. These bets are not safe. You usually have a 50% chance of winning them. Two types of these are included: Odd/Even and Big/Small.


  • If you’re looking for a sure bet, then the Big/Small dice are your best choice. They will always give an even payout in either case with no surprises or deviations from what was expected.

  • The sum of all three dice are tracked by Odd/Even. It doesn’t care about numbers, so it’s possible to divide that number in half or not with a 1:1 win if you choose correctly.


Players are required to guess the exact number that is produced by summing all three dice. The total of these numbers would be 10, so you’ll want a bet on ten if your choice leads there! Payouts vary depending on what’s thrown: 2+2=4 pays 3-to1 whereas 5+5=$10 gets odds set at even money for this round only. For more information see below table with details about each combination.




Enhanced Payout

4 or 17



5 or 16



6 or 15



7 or 14



8 or 13



9 or 12



10 or 11




The next type of bet you can make is Single, Double, or Triple. These wagers are more concerned with the dice as a whole than their sum.

The luck of the draw is in your favor if you land on a lucky number. For single bets, at least one has to be placed with that selection. If all 6 dice come up using it as their landing spot then there are greater odds for prizes! Landing two more times pays 19:1 while three sets results in an impressive 87:1 payout when enhanced and know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio.

The incredible prize money associated with enhancing numbers increases exponentially- so go ahead and roll some bones today.

There are six Double betting zones, and the goal is for all three dice to land in the same place. The payout of these bets depends on whether only two of them have numbers matched or if all three do as well. If this occurs then 81% will be paid out standard while 871% more can be gained by having an equal number appearing across each die (81%) and know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio.

Last but not least, there are six Triple betting zones. You can either bet on one triple or all three with an enhanced payout ratio of 87/1 if you get it right.

The more open areas of this betting board are combinations. To bet on a combination, you must land at least two dice and all 15 possible ones pay 5-1 if successful or 24-1 enhanced.

How to Win & how to play evolution gaming super sic bio

You might be asking yourself what this means for the payout to be increased. How can we obtain these prized multipliers? You have to be lucky. Although each multiplier’s value can be fixed, its location and frequency are completely random. Perhaps it boosts your Triple bet so you win the most! Perhaps it doesn’t appear at any point. Jesus doesn’t know what will happen.

The best strategy is to wager on two dice combinations. One with the goal of fishing for a solid winning combination, and another just in case you happen not get anything. We found that by playing these types of bets we were able win more often than lose which made us feel safer while gambling.

You’ve got options. SA Gaming is random and the end result will be impossible to influence with poker or blackjack, but you can play it safer if that’s what makes sense for your tastes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sic Bo’s latest release is a revolutionary change in the way you approach traditional dice games. With multipliers, every round can increase your chances of winning and make it easier for players to take risks while still being able win at any cost! If there ever was an opportunity that will catch anyone’s eye– this would be it: 999:1 top reward with their name waiting right outside online casino Malaysia. It wouldn’t do well if we let such opportunities go by without noticing them so get out there and try to know how to play evolution gaming super sic bio and new things today.

Punters who are looking for high-risk/high reward gameplay should consider Super Sic Bo. You can make a significant win, but smaller and moderate sized prizes will be less valuable on this game route so it’s best suited towards players who like low or medium variance bets in their games.


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