How to Play Evoloution Gaming (Best Tips)

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Evolution Gaming announced in January 2020 the launch of Speed Blackjack, their brand new Live Blackjack game. The game was advertised as a fast Blackjack variant. One feature of the game was changed: the dealing order. Evolution representatives stated that they have revolutionized the way Blackjack is played. You can learn how to play Live Speed Blackjack to make the most of it. Lets know about how to play evoloution gaming.

Basic Rules of how to play evoloution gaming

Speed Blackjack is a card game that can be played with 8 decks. The dealer receives two cards, and players peek for blackjacks according to Vegas rules of play – but it shares most gameplay elements from the standard form of this familiar hand-topping favorite! A player may double down on their first two dealt hits or splits them into pairs while only being able to get one more card if they split 4s up top; there are no other bonuses like insurance payouts in this version though so remember not miss out when you’re playing against live dealers at home instead where bets start as low at just 10 cents in how to play evoloution gaming.


The speed of play in Evolution Blackjack is significantly faster than the regular game. This means that it takes only 6 seconds to bet, make a decision and receive your hand.


The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. Once the two initial cards have been dealt, all players can offer to hit or hold them in order to double down on their bet for that round. If you’re not ready yet then don’t worry – just keep playing until someone does take your place! The player who decides first gets an additional poker card after each hand finishes (following this pattern) but only if they stand before anyone else at risk without choosing any other option during bidding time; otherwise no one will get more than 2 chances per deal because mathematics always wins out over chance when there are so many possible options available including “not standing in how to play evoloution gaming.”


how to play evoloution gaming: Bets

Live Speed Blackjack is a game that begins with the players placing their main wager. They may also wish to place one of the side wagers available at the table.


  • Perfect Pairs: When the first two cards make a pair, this optional wager pays. Payouts will be determined by the type or pair. A pair with mixed colors paying 6:1, a pairing of the same color paying 12:1, or a perfect pair made up of the same suit paying 25%.

  • 21+3 side bet: A standard side wager available at Evolution Blackjack tables, this requires a qualifying card hand to award a prize. A flush is the best payout at 5:1. A straight win will pay you 10:1 but trips and straight flushes will pay you 30:1 or 40:1. The top prize for a suited trip is 100:1.

Speed Blackjack offers the Bet Behind option just like other Blackjack variations from a reputable provider. Bet Behind allows you to play the game behind other players because there are only seven seats at the table. Hot players will be those who have at least one gold medal. They also indicate how many games rounds they have won. If you choose to take advantage of this option, you’ll be notified when one seat becomes free in online casino called Daftar Game Online.


House Edge and RTP

This game is identical to other Blackjack games in Evolution’s collection, except that there is no house edge on the main bet and side bets. On the main hand, the house edge is 0.71%. This means that 99.29% of the expected return on the player (RTP), can be achieved in how to play evoloution gaming.


For side bets: The Perfect Pairs side wager has a house margin (4.1%) and an RTP (95.9%), while the 21+3 bet boasts a house edge (3.7%) and an RTP (96.3%).


how to play evoloution gaming:Table

There is no one strategy that you can use to win this variant of Speed Blackjack. It has the same mathematical rules as standard blackjack, which means it’s best for those who want a more laid back experience with less intense pressure from losses or gains on their scorecards – especially since losing doesn’t really matter in this game because players don’t keep anything when they lose! You’ll need patience and grace though; there will always be another round after everyone else gets bored playing alone against themselves- wait until all betting rounds have been played out before deciding whether your next move should even continue playing at all.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is all in the details. This game could be perfect if you enjoy playing blackjack and don’t mind waiting for your turn, or are an experienced player that can make fast decisions quickly! The rules favor both players & dealers equally which offers more opportunities to take risks without risking too much money; Side bets offer new ways of winning larger prizes by taking chances with what cards come out next – making this version even better than standard online casino Malaysia rules in the sectipn of how to play evoloution gaming(though 3:2 pays only gives hope).


One of the downsides to playing Blackjack on Evolution is that it can be fast-paced and chaotic. If you’re not familiar with how this game works, then your decisions may take longer than usual because there’s so much going around in one machine which could confuse or bother someone who doesn’t understand what chip throwing means when they dole out cards from their hand at random – but don’t worry! The developer has implemented an Autoplay feature for how to play evoloution gaming andwhere all moves will finish according to instructions if we ignore them for long enough before clicking “returns me back into the main interface.”

Closing Thoughts of how to play evoloution gaming


Speed Blackjack is a new addition to Evolution’s portfolio. This game gives players more control and allows them the chance of taking part in the action at their table, but it will be popular among experienced casino-goers who want to play faster-paced games like this one! For best results make sure that you know how to play evoloution gaming and you stick with basic strategy when playing speed blackjacks so your decisions are sounder than ever before – click here for details about how these strategies work now.