Asia Gaming Malaysia Online Casino 2021

Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming is one of the best casino software developer companies in Asia pacific. They have been providing immersive and innovative gaming software since 2012.

They’re committed to providing exciting live casino games for all types of players, with something that will suit every taste and preference from traditional Asian-themed classics like Mahjongg down through modern Westernized extravaganzas such as slots or table poker!

Asia Gaming is a leading gambling operator, with its live casino games and slot machine offerings. Asia Gaming has been operating since 2012 under InplayMatrix — one of China’s most popular gaming companies like Gold deluxe or SA Gaming.

Asia gamings now holds Curacao license to provide both iGaming services as well as Slots only for customers looking forward to enjoying their favorite slots.

Asia Gaming is committed to delivering the highest standard of service in all aspects. The company offers games and services for players from around the world, including a range that’s specifically tailored made just for them!

In addition, Asia Gaming’s Inplay Matrix subsidiary holds an international gambling license which means they can provide you with absolutely everything your heart desires: live casino action as well slot machine play–and even some bonus promotions too.

Asia gamings top priority has always been player experience so they are committed to delivering quality products that will please any type or preference when it comes down to gaming fun; whether players enjoy slots machines or would rather try their luck at table game betting.

Available Games Review on Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming offers a variety of live casino games. They’re all streamed from their state-of-the art, high class gaming facility in Manila where they provide customers with great service and an immersive experience for viewing your favorite game!

Reviews about Asia Gaming Live Casino 

Live Roulette

The Live Roulette from Asia Gaming is exactly the same of the European Style Roulette. This means there are only one zero on the wheel and it uses two separate camera angles that let you see balls spinning around as they go by in real time!

You can also access some comprehensive game history which enables players to view past results from different rounds, including how many times someone has won or lost based off these outcomes before finally getting lucky themselves this round.

Just like my friend did at our place last week when he played out a tie-breaker between them both after their initial victories had been erased due to computer errors happening during playtime (which were thankfully fixed).

Live Sic Bio

Sic Bo is a dice-based game where players wager on the outcome of 3 dice. Asia Gaming has created live Sic Bo that offers up to 50 different gaming options with detailed gameplay histories and zooms in cameras for your viewing pleasure!

Live Bull Bull

No matter how you slice it, Bullfight is a battle between two bulls. Based on poker and easy to play with many betting options available for when things get exciting (literally), Asia Gaming has your back!

The game starts by dealing cards that have been used automatically through an automatic machine; new rounds begin every few minutes so there’s no chance at being bored while waiting around either

Bullfight is a game of chance that’s based on poker. The rules are easy to learn and the betting options allow for some serious fun! There isn’t much in terms of strategy, so it doesn’t take long before you’re up and running with this highly addictive card playing experience at Asia Gaming online casino.

Live European Blackjack

Being able to offer European Blackjack is pretty rare, but Asia Gaming did it! All of their games are played with 6 decks and shuffled manually. They also have “Bet Behind”. Maximum 7 players may play at once.

You might even observe an infinite number players playing at once (Bet Behind option). Betting options include perfect pairs as well 21+3 side bet option too – there’s something here just for everyone who loves playing cards like you do!

Live Baccarat

Asia Gaming is now introducing five new variations of the favorite game, baccarat. All follow basic rules and can be played by an unlimited number of players at once! You’ll find out more below:

  1. Interactive Bid Baccarat: Asia Gaming has introduced the Interactive Bid Baccarat for the first time. Interactive Bid Baccarat is a format that has since been used by other live casino providers. In this variation of this popular card counting craps style, players bid on who gets dealt cards and squeezes them when they can’t win any more money in their bet pile or off an opponent’s hands!
  2. 25-Seconds Baccarat: 25-Seconds Baccarat also has exactly the same rule like regular Baccarat but with an added twist. A new round starts every 25 seconds which means you’ll have to be on your toes and quick-thinking if want any chance at winning!
  3. Baccarat Insurance: Baccarat Insurance is also the same as regular baccarat where all the players are given an insurance option to take but it’s not compulsory.
  4. Dragon Bonus Baccarat: The “Dragon Bonus” is a fun addition to the game of Baccarat. If you’re playing as either player or banker, and your hand has an extra point count compared with its opposite side – whether that’s higher by 4 points or more- then this bet will pay out!

High Quality Streaming

We all know AG as a major name in Asian markets. However, Asia Gaming still has quite the mountain to climb if they want their streams up-to-par with other competitors who can provide constant high quality streaming technology.

It seems like when visitors are low on numbers that playing against this opponent might be advantageous because many teams can offer high quality streaming technology (which isn’t so great).

When everything is running smoothly, it’s hard to fault these guys for their success. They just need a little more work in maintaining quality streams.

User Friendly Interface

Asia Gaming is a popular provider of live dealer games with plenty going on in the venue. The tables appear cluttered and old-fashioned, as they’re based out Asia where this design trend has been around for decades to centuries!

When playing my recent trip there I spent some time analyzing each game – which all look very similar

Language Options

Asia Gaming’s dealer network is made up exclusively of Chinese and English speakers. They have a simple user interface that can only be accessed in these languages, which to some extent makes sense since they’re targeting the Asian market with all their products!

Live Mobile Casino Version

The company has been hard at work to make sure their games run smoothly across all types of devices. We have successfully tested most live games on mobile and found that they can be played in portrait or landscape mode, depending upon your preference!

Games like “Zombie Smasher” give you instant access for viewing the video feed but not every title does. So don’t worry if it doesn’t come up when playing other titles.

Furthermore there are also some cool features hidden under preferences like being able toggle which statistics appear automatically without having click through them while browsing through a roadmap page too (you know who you want!).

Asia Gaming is the go to spot for all your live casino game needs. They have a wide selection of 100% mobile optimized games that are just as good as Evolution Gaming.

Live Dealer of Asia Gaming Malaysia

Asia Gaming is on a roll with the ladies. All their dealers are young, attractive and dressed in revealing outfits which makes for some great eye candy to watching them play!

What really stands out are their over enthusiastic attitudes when dealing cards or giving advice during hand gambling sessions at this casino resort.

It’s not too surprising since it seems that Asia has hired “around 70” live beauties just like these girls who love entertaining clients through fun games of chance where winners get showered by coins showering down from heaven in online casino.

While also looking good doing so if anything thanks largely due an elaborate wardrobe isn’t part of your day job requirements.

Final Verdict

Asia Gaming’s live casino has been a huge success in Asian iGaming Market. They offer more games specifically for the Asian market, including Bull Bull and Win Three Cards which are not usually seen elsewhere online!

Baccarat is a game of strategy and chance that has been enjoyed for centuries. However, Asia Gaming offers something different than other online casinos: they have the most unique variety in terms side bet options with their diverse library including many tables dedicated to Baccarat alone!

Recently, Asia Gaming has become a more appealing gaming option for European players. They offer Western games such as Roulette and Blackjack which were previously absent from their offerings–a sign that they might be looking to enter the market soon?

Overall, Asia Gaming’s live dealer games are fairly good. Their video buffering was only an occasional issue while playing and we did not have any major problems with them on our end! If you want to give their offerings a go yourself then it would be best if Mega888original is one of your providers as they offer access through this site.